Love Is Love Is Love:

Paul's new project features the title song written by Julie Gold best known for From A Distance,which celebrates love through one healing heart. With heartfelt emotional vocals and a pop country feel ,the inspiring ballad , The Serenity Prayer, encourages us all to to accept the things we cannot change and wisdom to make the right decisions. I Breathe In Love is a musical retreat calming and calling us to the present moment . With a cover of the classic song, Sing, Paul's voice resonates with this refreshing arrangement of a classic song . This CD continues to guide us forward as we seek to reclaim the joy of life even after the hardest times!

Price: $6.99

Track - TItle Sample Lyrics
1. Love Is Love Is Love
2. I Breathe In Love
3. Serenity Song
4. Sing A Song


You'll Never Walk Alone: Music for Memorials and Remembrance Services

This CD offers the powerful YOU"LL NEVER WALK ALONE (featured at the 2010 TCF National Conference ) along with new originals including, Forget Me Not for widows and widowers, The Butterfly Song for butterfly release ceremonies, as well as To Hear the Bell, and The Dove Song for dove releases and also features Somewhere Over the Rainbow and Paul's inspirational Wrap Myself In A Rainbow. A beautiful recording offering healing vocal and instrumental versions appropriate for memorial songs, funeral songs and hospice remembrance services. Vocal and instrumental versions for extened play at memorial programs.

Price: $15.95

Track - TItle Sample Lyrics
1. You'll Never Walk Alone  
2. Forget Me Not
3. The Dove Song
4. To Hear the Bell
5. The Butterfly Song (4:07)


The Butterfly Song Gift Book and CD

Butterflies are messengers of joy and life. This song is perfect to enhance BUTTERFLY RELEASE CEREMONIES with an elegantly designed 80 page book featuring the lyrics, inspirational verses and award winning photos. This inspirational and gift package will bring hope and healing on the gentle wings of the butterfly as it shares the wonders of its transforming beauty. The  single CD by ASCAP award winner is haunting  and calls us all to find hope in a beautiful memorial ceremony.

Price: $20.00

Track - TItle Sample Lyrics
1. The Butterfly Song


Songs of Faith, Hope and Inspiration

These songs offer comfort and hope and are beautiful contemporary pieces in the Catholic and Christian music tradition. You will be moved by the prayerful and uplifting arrangements on these faith based and liturgical songs. For listening and prayerful inspiration, this is a rare recording of some of the finest church music spanning thirty years.

Price: $15.95

Track - TItle Sample Lyrics
1. Change Our Hearts (3:46)  
2. Eye Has Not Seen (3:38)  
3. Come to Me (5:30)    
4. Here I Am Lord (4:34)  
5. Psalm 91: Be With Me (2:53)    
6. The Summons (5:24)  
7. I Am The Bread of Life (4:20)    
8. Heal Me O God (4:17)  
9. I Lift Up My Soul (4:58)    
10. Taste and See (5:37)    
11. Thy Word (4:53)  
12. You Are Near (5:00)    
13. Danny Boy (4:32)  
14. Stength For the Journey (3:30)    


Light A Candle and Songs of Remembrance

Includes the songs by Paul Alexander of Light a Candle, Tree of Memory, Walk to Remember, and The Balloon Song, plus instrumental versions. Light A Candle has been used at candle lighting services and funeral services for individuals and support groups such as Compassionate Friends and numerous others. The Balloon Song is played while releasing balloons to honor our children or loved ones often with notes of love attached..Tree Plantings in the spring are popular with hospice and funeral homes. Holiday Help Programs often use a Tree of Memory with special ornaments . Walk To Remember is played at culmination of the walk in honor of loved ones and is popular with SHARE groups especially in October or for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Price: $14.95

Track - TItle Sample Lyrics
Vocal Version    
1. Light A Candle (3:40)
2. Tree of Memory (4:55)  
3. Walk To Remember (5:00)    
4. Pretty Balloon (3:40)
Instrumental Version    
1. Light A Candle (3:40)    
2. Tree of Memory (4:55)    
3. Walk To Remember (5:00)    
4. Pretty Balloon (3:40)    


Gone Too Soon

These songs of love, life and loss were carefully chosen not only to accompany memorial services and support groups but also to uplift and inspire.. Each song is a gem that captures the heart and soul of grief as well as the true meaning of life. Gone Too Soon,.the title song was originally written for a TV broadcast to pay tribute to performers who had died. It was used for tributes to Princess Diana and has won an Emmy and was recorded by Michael Jackson.

Paul Alexander recorded this song with the musical writer , Larry Grossman, who accompanied Paul with piano on this very special arrangement.  In addition to the title song, Mama A Rainbow and Dance with My Father celebrates and honors our parents.  I Hope You Dance and Live Like You Were Dying shine on as words of wisdom with unique vocal performances by Paul. For Good from the musical Wicked   and To Where You Are are heart stirring performances  that will bring healing to your spirit.

Price: $14.95

Track - TItle Sample Lyrics
1. Gone Too Soon (3:10)  
2. For Good (4:18)
(from the Musical Production "Wicked")
3. I Hope You Dance (4:41)    
4. Grateful (4:52)    
5. To Where You Are (3:50)    
6. Mama, A Rainbow(2:19)
(from the Musical production "Minnie's Boys")
7. Dances With My Father (4:14)    
8. Live LIke You Were Dying (4:24)  
9. They Are Falling All Around Me (4:16)    


The Top 14 Church Songs (Vocal & Instrumental)

Ideal for chapel play , funeral and memorial services,   these songs that have been sung at funerals and Masses and are standards in the Catholic and Christian traditions.

These  songs include: Be Not Afraid, In the Garden, Amazing Grace, On Eagle's Wings, Softly and Tenderly, You Are Mine, Ave Maria, Prayer of St. Francis, The Lords’ Prayer, Morning Has Broken, Shepherd Me O God , I Found a Treasure and I Shall Sing Your Praises.  A Best Seller not only in Catholic Bookstores but also in Funeral Homes , it has become a favorite for  Deacons , Chaplains, Priests, and Celebrants who are using this CD when providing memorial and chapel services.  Vocal and instrumental versions are available.

Price: $14.95

Track - TItle Sample Lyrics
1. Softly and Tenderly (2:15)  
2. On Eagles Wings (3:41)  
3. Shepherd Me, O God (2:54)  
4. Prayer Of St. Francis (3:55)    
5. Be Not Afraid (3:30)  
6. In The Garden (2:39)  
7. I Found The Treasure (3:19)    
8. Amazing Grace (3:40)  
9. Ave Maria (4:05)    
10. The Lord's Prayer (2:54)    
11. Lord, You Have Come (4:41)    
12. I Shall Sing Your Praises (3:03)    
13. You Are Mine (3:51)    
14. Morning Has Broken (3:49)    


The Best of Paul Alexander

Featuring many originals from the cassette When All Is Said, this CD hosts the title song along with Ray of Hope, Who Am I Now, One More Time, Love Is All We Need, I Am One Voice, Always There, Angel of God, Can I Say Goodbye , plus three new releases including Song For America, This Old House, and Pennies From Heaven.

These songs were inspired by Paul’s first years in hospice and bereavement work  where  he worked as a social worker in a Children’s Hospice. These songs have gone on to be used not only in Pauls’ concert programs but also as classic examples of music therapy performance songs in coping with loss and grief.  Following the loss of his mom and the after work of selling the childhood home, his personal grief journey is reflected in Pennies From Heaven as well as in This Old House.  Song for America has been used at numerous memorials for those who died on  September 11th, 2001.   His earlier works of Ray of Hope, Who Am I Now, Can I Say Goodbye, have set the tone for many support groups as well as gained him merit as an ASCAP songwriter.

Price: $14.95

Track - TItle Sample Lyrics
1. Pennies From Heaven
2. In This Old house  
3. Ray of Hope  
4. Who Am I Now
5. Love Is All We Need  
6. One More Time
7. When All Is Said
8. I Am One Voice
9. Can I Say Goodbye  
10. Angel of God  
11. Always There  
12. See Saw  
13. Pilgrim Dancer  
14. Song For America  


Your Light Will Always Shine

Inspired by The Compassionate Friends National Conference this CD is being used for memorial and video tributes, candlelight services, and conference themes . Includes vocal and instrumental versions of the title song as well as Candle on the Water.

The lyrics :” And your light will always shine and your name will still be spoken, For you and time stand still.  Your hearts a part of mine with a love that won’t be broken....

These songs with appropriate lyrics for candleligthings and memorials are suggested along with Light A Candle.  The production is uplifting and powerful with a promise “You’re an anchor for my heart and you’ll never be forgotten for the power of your life is reflected in my eyes.”

Price: $8.99

Track - TItle Sample Lyrics
Vocal Version    
1. Your Light Will Always Shine (5:25)
2. Candle On the Water (2:54)  
Instrumental Version    
1. Your Light Will Always Shine (5:25)    
2. Candle On the Water (2:54)    


A Christmas Journey with Paul Alexander

This is Christmas CD that brings together songs of the soul and which reflect the true meaning of Christmas. Specially designed to be a musical balm of healing and hope, these songs are carefully picked and recorded for  those who are in search of a gentler, kinder Christmas. Featuring unique renditions of special favorites along with Peace Carol, Til the Season Comes Round Again, and  There's Still My Joy. A must have for the season of hope

If you would like to order more than one to use as gifts and stocking stuffers

Price: $16.95

Track - TItle Sample Lyrics
1. Breath of Heaven  
2. Mary Did You Know      
3. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas  
4. O Holy NIght    
5. Candelight Carol    
6. Peace Carol    
7. Merry Christmas With Love    
8. A Time Will Come for Singing    
9. Til the Season Comes Round Again    
10. There's Still My Joy  

We Live On Borrowed Time

Those who have experienced loss often appreciate the importance of making the most of each moment and cherishing each day. Paul chose to record these songs written by Mr. David Friedman as each lyric helped him connect to what is important and matters most.  We Live On Borrowed Time, and Your Love have been recorded by numerous artists including Diana Ross and Barry Manilow. Let Me Be the Music is a rare find for its honest reflection on our gift to this world.

Help Is On The Way is a perfect song for caregivers and those who have reached the testing point in their struggles with life and loss and fortitude.   The production of this CD is a rich tapestry bringing new colorings and nuances to these songs that will have you singing along with renewed vigor for life!

Price: $14.95

Track - TItle Sample Lyrics
1. Trust the Wind    
2. We Live On Borrowed Time  
3. We Can Be Kind  
4. As Long As I Can Sing    
5. I'll Be Here With You  
6. Help Is On The Way    
7. Listen To My Heart    
8. Your Love  
9. All The World's A Stage    
10. Let Me Be The Music  


Heart to Heart

Track - TItle Sample Lyrics
1. Heart to Heart  
2. Eagles and Horses  
3. Rocky Mountain High    
4. Annie's Song / Perhaps Love    
5. For You    
6. Dreamland Express    

7. Medley:

  • Leaving On A Jet Plane
  • Back Home Again
  • Grandma's Feather Bed
  • Sweet Surrender
  • Thank God I'm A Country Boy
  • Take Me Home Country Roads
8. Calypso / Eagle & Hawk    
9. The Flower that Shattered the Stone    
10. On The Wings of A Dream    
11. Sunshine on My Shoulders    


When All Is Said

Songs of healing, hope and remembrance inspired by Paul's counseling and workshops, this is dedicated to the bereaved and those who serve them. This best seller features Ray of Hope, Who am I Now, One More Time and the ever popular The Rose and Wind Beneath My Wings. A great resource for memorial service and support groups.

This is a popular recording and has been featured on many bereavement web sites and honored for its ASCAP award winning songs. Along with Light a Candle these songs are often requested for Memorial programs and as support group openings and closing reflections.

Price: $14.95

Track - TItle Sample Lyrics
1. Love Is All We Need    
2. One More Time  
3. The Rose    
4. Who Am I Now    
5. I Am One Voice    
6. Ray of Hope  
7. The Dance    
8. When All Is Said    


Unspoken: Piano Stylings of Paul Alexander's Music

Music touches us in surprising ways and opens us to the language of the soul.The instrumental stylings echo our heartstrings and reflect on the purpose and meaning of life . When words are not enough the beauty and resonance of a piano can gently hold and support our personal vision quests.  Life does have meaning and love is forever. Sometimes we have to listen with the depth of our being, for the message is UNSPOKEN yet waiting to be heard . Features the unsurpassed pianist/composer Albee Barr who has numerous arranging and composing credits for film and documentaries both in U.S. and abroad.

Price: $14.95

Track - TItle Sample Lyrics
1. Always There  
2. Who Am I Now    
3. When All Is Said    
4. Ray of Hope    
5. One More Time    
6. Bring Rainbows to the Children  
7. Wrap Myself In A Rainbow  
8. Can I Say Goodbye    
9. Love Is All We Need    
10. I Am One Voice    


A Quiet Place: Instrumental Music for Peaceful Moments

A Quiet Place invites the listener to seek the quiet within and rest in a safe place away from the turmoil and rush. Whether as soft background music or as a guide in meditation, you will enjoy peace with this long-playing CD. Ideal for Funeral Chapel Play, Prayer and Meditation, Yoga,Reiki and Massage Accompaniment.  Features the selections of A Special Visit, A Healing Time, An Angel Hymn and Rainbow Song.  These serve also as a perfect backdrop for reading your own designed guided imagery words to therapy and hospice patients or for staff support meetings or gentle reflections during a service.  It can also be used during the actual ritual of candlelights when there is a large group.

Price: $14.95

Track - TItle Sample Lyrics
1. A Special Visit (21:58)    
2. A Healing Time (24:05)    
3. An Angel Hymn (20:21)  
4. Rainbow Song (19:53)    



Healing Meditation

Wrap Myself In A Rainbow

This carefully and colorfully scripted guided meditation transforms and helps the listener face the complexities of loss with hope.  This CD provides a wonderful respite and healing opportunity to reconnect with our inner strengths and wisdom.  Utilizing a variety of techniques gathered from his training in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy this transformative experience will bypass the critical mind and allow you access to deeper recesses of your unconscious.  Using the colors of the chakras and the rainbow there is a dynamic blending of music and the healing spoken script . After the healing journey you can further rest in the special songs which include Somewhere Over the Rainbow, and Rainbow Connection.  Paul wrote two originals which are concert favorites including Wrap Myself in a Rainbow and Bring Rainbows to the Children. Inspired by the TCF conference where a stunning rainbow created with the names of all the deceased children,this CD and music selections have been used widely for bereavement support groups.  The Grief Guide and Workbook is a perfect accompaniment to this CD.

Price: $14.95

Track - TItle Sample Lyrics
1. Wrap Myself In A Rainbow Meditation  
2. Wrap Myself In A Rainbow
3. Rainbow Connection    
4. Somewhere Over the Rainbow    
5. Bring Rainbows to the Children    


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