Light A Candle
Paul Alexander's original song, Light a Candle has enhanced thousands of memorial services throughout the United States, Canada, Ireland, Australia, England and Holland.

The Light A Candle and Songs of Remembrance CD is widely used for the title song as well as for balloon releases, tree plantings and walks to remember. More info

Light a Candle GIFT Book -- This beautifully designed hard cover gift book features the timeless lyrics of this treasured song, along with inspirational photos and reflections that offer a treasure of love, hope and remembrance. More info

"As your song plays we read the names of our Hospice patients who have died and light a candle in their honor. Your song is an important part of the healing that takes place for our families and staff." Russ Steele - Fairmont Medical Center

A Quiet Place
Instrumental Music for Peaceful Moments...
A Quiet Place invites the listener to seek the quiet within and rest in a safe place away from the turmoil and rush.

Gone Too Soon
These songs of love, life and loss will enrich your moments of personal reflection and support your memorials of hope and healing.

Light a Candle and
Songs of

For Healing Rituals, includes all four ritual songs.

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