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  1. A Day of Hope and Healing: This Journey Called Grief

  2. Help Is On The Way: Nurturing the Caregiver Workshop

  3. The Therapeutic and Healing Power of Music Workshop

  4. Reconnecting To Your Power

  5. Wrap Myself In A Rainbow Workshop

  6. Maintaining the Connection Workshop: A Tribute to Life and the Legacy

A Day of Hope and Healing: This Journey Called Grief - with Paul Alexander, CSW-R

Grief, bereavement and loss can bring us into uncharted territory. In this  workshop the major themes of grief will be explored as well as coping methods for facing the soulwork grief presents. This day will provide an opportunity to explore ways to integrate and acknowledge the bereavement process. In addition to the exploration of grief and understanding the seven key factors impacting on the bereaved, you will be guided through rituals of healing and connection and become more mindful of how to help oneself as well as others.



  • To provide a workable model for coping with the issues and challenges of grief and loss.

  • To highlight the  key areas of the bereavement process.

  • To impart ways to find a balance in grief work.

  • To discover ways to get through the roadblocks of moving up the grief mountain.

  • To teach creative expression as a tool for grief release and growth..

  • To provide “do-able actions” for moving through grief and mourning.

  • To underscore specific challenges a griever faces.

  • To increase awareness of the power of emotions in grief.

  • To encourage the connection to love as a healing  force.

  • To foster opportunities for the griever to speak one’s truth.

  • To support and nurture goal setting within the context of a new normal.

  • To explore the phases, tasks and trigger points of moving forward following a loss.

  • To understand the importance of “being witness” to the unfolding of the griever’s story.

  • To explore the spiritual  questions in ones' search for meaning.

Help Is On The Way: Nurturing the Caregiver Workshop

Whether you’re in the role as helping professional or maneuvering your own losses, sometimes we just need to stop the spinning and take care of our own hearts! This workshop with Paul Alexander will highlight his favorite ways of of nurturing ourselves as well as caring for our spirits.Of course there will be music and singing with some helpful songs for memorials and rituals. There will be time to meditate, renavigate and search for our own truth within. There will be inspirational nuggets and guidance that will help us maneuver the rough spots in the road and open us up to moments of insight and joy and of course some suggestions and survival techniques to assist in facing the challenges of caring for others as well as ourselves. Now is the moment for you!



  • To discover and/or rediscover our purpose and intention in out works and our lives.

  • To better understand the quadrants of care and our place in the system of providing healing places and  spaces for our clients.

  • To learn, utilize and integrate practical and useful tools for stress release, immediate focus and burnout  indicators.

  • To explore healing, spiritual and sound techniques for replenishment of mind, body and spirit.

  • To learn the basics of self hypnosis and guided imagery for reconnecting to your personal power and  higher wisdom.

  • To discover who you are in this wonderful world.

The Therapeutic and Healing Power of Music Workshop with Paul Alexander

The use of music facilitates and promotes opportunities for grief expression and mourning throughout the bereavement process. Music can directly and indirectly access and acknowledge feelings, thoughts and the spiritual vastness one may experience following a loss. It can also serve as a rich vehicle of connection and meaning. It facilitates self expression, provides meaning and structure to rituals of healing and holy moments . The use of sound, song, changs and instruments are also powerful healing tools providing balance and healing energies. Using paul's music and other therapeutic healing techniques of sound you will find this a rich experience that supports the grief process in a memorable way.



  • To highlight the curative and supportive benefits of music. 

  • To share music as it relates to the tasks of grieving and provides a context for exploring the psychological, emotional and spiritual work involved.

  • To provide an experience of music as it promotes acknowledgement of the grief process, questions and challenges.

  • To demonstrate music that supports the beneficial value of rituals in memorials, funerals and aftercare of the bereaved.

  • To explore the personal dimensions of music’s healing power in facilitating connection to the deceased.

  • To experience toning and chanting and alternative healing sounds.

  • To share music as an adjunct to guided imagery and mediation.

  • To highlight music that can be used in support group settings.

Reconnecting To Your Power with Paul Alexander

  • This popular and must have workshop is like turning on a light switch in a dark room. Using techniques that have accompanied his work for the past twenty years , Paul will guide you on a self healing program of empowerment and self enrichment.   Time and time again workshop participants are supported in their personal vision quests of hope and healing. “This is just what I needed”, a chaplain recently shared after a healing workshop of reconnection. 


  • To teach and explore specific ways to reconnect to one’s personal power and inner truth utilizing points of power manifestation and definition.

  • Focusing on sound, music, breath and REIKI wisdom Paul will guide you with a Healing Meditation he has specially formatted in his work with the bereaved and caregivers.

  • To explore signs of hope and renewal in our prayer work and reflection .

  • To discover ways to open to unexplainable and surprising moments of JOY!

  • To encourage and reclaim our right for owning our purpose and intention.

  • To reconnect to love as a healing force in our lives and in serving others.

  • To learn the key points of using self hypnosis, guided imagery and healing reconnection to the source.

Wrap Myself In A Rainbow Workshop with Paul Alexander

Inspired by the 1993 TCF Convention, Paul wrote a song, Grief Guide and Journal correlating the use of color and the seven key issues in grief.  This workshop, which is often used as a format for support groups will provide a practical, creative and healing format for exploring the issues and challenges of grief and loss. Using the colors of the chakras as a guide, the purpose of the work will be to balance and reconnect to power points during times of refocusing and realignment necessary following a loss but also at many turning points in life.  The usability by the bereaved and caring professionals overlap in this comprehensive experience .Not only will the 7 key issues of the grief navigation system be utilized but also the specially designed healing script Paul has shared with thousands for reconnection to their inner circle of wisdom. A powerful workshop for reconnection and realignment and self discovery.





  • To provide a workable and usable model for facing and integrating the issues and challenges of grief and loss.

  • To highlight and explore the 7 key areas of grief work with emphasis on rebalancing and realignment of the core self.

  • To explore creative and emotional expression within the 7 key areas of grief work.

  • To learn meditative and healing sounds of music and color that correlate with the grief process.

  • To understand the 5 key areas of working with self hypnosis and guided imagery as utilized in Paul Alexander’s healing script and meditation Wrap Myself in A Rainbow.

  • To encourage the connection to love as a healing and spiritual power point.

  • To increase and foster ways to explore the emotional truth for the griever.


Maintaining the Connection Workshop: A Tribute to Life and the Legacy with Paul Alexander

The work of grief is not to forget and get over it but rather to come to a place where life can have meaning and where new energy can flow in a fulfilling way.  We do not sever our connection with those who have passed over but search for ways to honor, remember, revisit and bring the gift of the life and interaction to the here and now in life affirming ways.This workshop celebrates and honors the essence and connection to those who have touched our lives and using creative tools as well as spirit based music and meditation honor the beauty and depth of the relationship in the here and now.




  • To explore the task of maintaining a connection to the deceased as part of the grief work . 

  • To highlight how “moving on” incorporates a relationship to the deceased with opportunities for healing past hurts or failures.

  • To teach and model therapeutic value of honoring, and remembering the life and legacy.

  • To explore meditative and spiritual practices that access a deeper connection with our loved ones.

  • To further empower and give direction to our lives.


Light a Candle - Paul Alexander
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Serenity Prayer - Paul Alexander
00:00 / 00:00
Gone Too Soon - Paul Alexander
00:00 / 00:00
The Butterfly Song - Paul Alexander
00:00 / 00:00
The Mercy Song - Paul Alexander
00:00 / 00:00
When All Is Said - Paul Alexander
00:00 / 00:00
Trust The Wind - Paul Alexander
00:00 / 00:00
Pennies From Heaven - Paul Alexander
00:00 / 00:00
I Found a Treasure - Paul Alexander
00:00 / 00:00
Heart to Heart - Paul Alexander
00:00 / 00:00
You'll Never Walk Alone - Paul Alexander
00:00 / 00:00
Tree of Memory - Paul Alexander
00:00 / 00:00
To Hear the Bell - Paul Alexander
00:00 / 00:00
Pretty Balloon - Paul Alexander
00:00 / 00:00
Love is Love is Love - Paul Alexander
00:00 / 00:00
Who Am I - Paul Alexander
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