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A Quiet Place invites the listener to seek the quiet within and rest in a safe place away from the turmoil and rush. Whether as soft background music or as a guide in meditation, you will enjoy peace with this long-playing CD. Ideal for Funeral Chapel Play, Prayer and Meditation, Yoga, Reiki and Massage Accompaniment. Features the selections of A Special Visit, A Healing Time, An Angel Hymn and Rainbow Song.  These serve also as a perfect backdrop for reading your own designed guided imagery words to therapy and hospice patients or for staff support meetings or gentle reflections during a service.  It can also be used during the actual ritual of candlelights when there is a large group.

Track Listing:

1. A Special Visit (21:58)
2. A Healing Time (24:05)
3. An Angel Hymn (20:21)
4. Rainbow Song (19:53)

A Quiet Place: Instrumental Music for Peaceful Mom

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