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Music touches us in surprising ways and opens us to the language of the soul. The instrumental stylings echo our heartstrings and reflect on the purpose and meaning of life. When words are not enough the beauty and resonance of a piano can gently hold and support our personal vision quests.  Life does have meaning and love is forever. Sometimes we have to listen with the depth of our being, for the message is UNSPOKEN yet waiting to be heard. Features the unsurpassed pianist/composer Albee Barr who has numerous arranging and composing credits for film and documentaries both in U.S. and abroad.

Track Listing:

1. Always There 
2. Who Am I Now 
3. When All Is Said 
4. Ray of Hope 
5. One More Time 
6. Bring Rainbows to the Children 
7. Wrap Myself In A Rainbow 
8. Can I Say Goodbye 
9. Love Is All We Need 
10. I Am One Voice

Unspoken: Piano Stylings of Paul Alexander's Music

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