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The Butterfly Connection: Signs of Love

Many people experience the appearance of a #butterfly as a connection to a loved one who has died. A butterfly can represent a sign of a hello and a heart to heart connection. When we miss someone so much we look for a sign that they are still with us and somehow involved in the flow of our lives.

Receiving a sign from a loved one can #comfort and give #hope to a bereaved person. Sometimes signs come in response to a specific request , or thought sent as a wish or prayer to a loved one. At other times they seem to come when we least expect them yet are touched in a special way.

There is a story a bereaved mom shared with me about her son Mike who had died in a hunting accident. She and her husband had attended a workshop I offered where I spoke of signs and spending time in meditation to help foster the #communication. Although Darlene had witnessed signs her husband wanted badly to experience one. Working for the Parks’ Department , and mowing lawns, Clint had sent out a thought for his son to show a sign. A few days later while working in the park, a butterfly rested on his shoulder and hovered about Clint as he worked for the rest of the afternoon.

Clint rushed home from work that evening to share the butterfly story with his wife. They both wished she had been there to see it. A bit later that evening as Darlene was preparing dinner, Clint yelled from the yard into the kitchen to come quickly. As she opened the back door she saw a butterfly perched on her husband’s hands. The butterfly waited long enough that they were able to get a picture on a camera.

It seems that our loved one’s can somehow orchestrate #signs of #connection through winged things, small coins, maybe lights flickering. Sometimes we may hear a song that had special meaning at the perfect time, or meet someone with the same name as our loved one. Ask for signs without dwelling on the result and be open to gentle whispers from heaven.

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