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Whisper Your Prayer to a Butterfly

So many bereaved individuals connect to #butterflies. A butterfly in many traditions represents #transformation and new life. According to a Native American legend, anyone who desires a wish or prayer to be answered, can whisper the request to the butterfly and then release it. Since butterflies make no sound, they are able to silently approach Great Spirit with the prayer. In gratitude for having released the butterfly, Great Spirit honors the request of the one who made it.

The Butterfly Song shares the story of transformation of the caterpillar. At a butterfly release, those facing grief may gather in ceremony to release butterflies in symbolic ceremony. Grief support groups, hospices and funeral homes will offer these events to provide a healing time of hope.

(The Butterfly Song Gift Book is available at and on the You’ll Never Walk Alone CD.) #griefsong #paulalexander #thebutterflysong #youllneverwalkalone

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